Celebrating growth and sustainability for preaching training in East Asia

Thanks to Langham Preaching, pastors and laypeople in East Asia are gaining confidence and skills to preach God’s Word. East Asia Regional Coordinator for Langham Preaching, Phil Nicholson, has been instrumental in training and supporting the movement throughout the region. He’s particularly excited to see how it’s taking hold individually in different countries. This is…

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Theology changes culture – with the help of Langham Scholars

In South Asia, where culture and social hierarchy rule, a small minority group of Christians are trying to make a significant impact among the people, and it’s having a ripple effect. Joshua George is a PhD candidate, former student, and currently a faculty-in-training member at a local Bible college. His journey into ministry started when…

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Raising up local preaching facilitators in South Asia

“I often say, ‘Langham Preaching changed my life and saved my ministry’.” Kedo Peseyie grew up in a Christian home in the north of his South Asian country. He attended church and always considered himself a Christian, until he was confronted with explaining the gospel to someone else.  Kedo shares, “When I was 18, I…

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Why PhDs are what Majority World Christian leaders need

How God multiplies the impact of His faithful workers If someone asked you ‘What will create the most transformation in the Majority World church?’, would your first response be ‘Enable more people to get their PhD’?  In the Majority World, the gospel is spreading far and wide, but the challenge has long been enabling Christians…

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A Voice for the Voiceless: Seble Daniel’s Ministry in Ethiopia

Empowering and raising up women Langham Partnership is known for serving the majority world by cultivating, equipping and developing pastors and resources to provide and nourish the Global Christian Church across all corners of the earth. Part of this work involves raising up women specifically, into leadership to both proclaim Christ and to speak up…

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Sharing Christ to all, from the ground up

Ronald grew up in a Christian family in South East Asia, with his parents, five brothers and two sisters. When he was 15, there was a gospel rally in his area and that was when he first understood the Gospel, and what it meant for his salvation. Not long after this, Ronald started to act…

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God at Work Through Langham Preaching in Africa

Group work at All Africa Preaching Consultation

Langham Preaching is a programme of the Langham Partnership that exists to develop godly and biblical preachers across the world in an affordable and accessible way. In October 2022 the second All Africa Langham Preaching Consultation was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with 72 attendees from 26 Preaching Movements across the continent. Each Preaching Movement…

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eNews and prayer update May 2020

Kitchen damaged

Pacific Preaching Update  “What is the purpose of life?” “Is God real? Is the Bible real?”  Stephen Williams – South Pacific Regional Coordinator (pictured right with a seminar participant from the Solomon Islands) writes: On the 1st March I flew to the Solomon Islands with the Reverend David Pettett to take two preacher-training seminars on…

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eNews and prayer update April 2020

Tigist and Seble photo

Train one, Impact Thousands  “What is the purpose of life?” “Is God real? Is the Bible real?”  Because of her training under Langham Scholar Dr. Seble Daniel at Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, Tigist can now help her teens find answers to their questions in God’s Word.  These are questions that youth leader Tigist hears…

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