May 2024 News

What’s inside

A note from Gillean

CEO of Langham Australia

This month both the International Leadership Team and the International Council for Langham Partnership are gathering online by zoom for our biannual meeting. It is a valuable time of fellowship and working together to lead the organisation, especially as we come from so many different regions of the world.

Of particular joy is the fact that now our International Director and two of our three Program Directors are from the Majority World and all are working with teams that include leaders from those countries in which the Programs operate. 

As we gather and pray together, often we hear our colleagues praying in languages other than English, reminding us of the wonderful depth of cultural and ethnic diversity in this small microcosm of the worldwide Church. 

What a day it will be when we gather before the throne to praise Him in every language! And what a privilege to be working together as part of the global church to see the whole church growing in maturity and depth. 

Join with us in prayer that God will continue to grow and bless our efforts to join in His mission for the world.

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