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Our Vision is to see churches in the Majority World equipped for mission and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and leaders who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

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How We Walk with the Global Church


Serving the Majority World

61% of the world’s believers reside in the non-Western world.

Langham walks in the hard places.

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“Some day you will hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now, I will just have changed my address”.

This quote from Billy Graham has hone viral on Twitter! Today we celebrate with millions around the world the coming…
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eNews and prayer update February 2018

Gospel made visible in Puerto Rico hurricane relief effort  Millions in Puerto Rico were affected by Hurricane Maria’s catastrophic landfall…
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eNews and prayer update December 2017

Langham reflects on 2017—with thanks! Foretastes of the new heaven and the new earth come in many ways. For me,…
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Daily Bible Study

25 Feb 2018

A Commentary by John Stott Acts 9:32-11:18. 6). Lessons to learn. Luke tells the story of the conversion of Cornelius…
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