We Equip Scholars

We help emerging Christian leaders in the Majority World earn PhDs in Bible and theology, equipping them to teach God's Word to a new generation of church leaders in their home countries. A strong theological education is crucial for Christian leaders around the world to create a lasting impact in their communities and ultimately, their nations.

How It Works

Langham Partnership funds scholarships and shepherds Christian leaders through PhD programs in Bible and theology, equipping them for a lifetime of multiplicative ministry as they go on to train even more biblical leaders for their nations.

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Leaders receive scholarships to pursue PhDs, and we walk alongside them with practical support and guidance every step of the way.

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Langham scholars return to their home countries to biblically train and disciple future pastors and Christian leaders in their nation and region.

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These scholars go on to lead seminaries, write books, start ministries, advise international organizations, and more.

Where do we work?

Langham is active in more than 130 countries throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Pacific. Browse the map below and discover the scope of Langham's work.


Ways to Give

Help us equip scholars who will train new generations of pastors and church leaders in the Majority World.  You can give via EFT, online through our website or you can post us a cheque. Bequests are also greatly appreciated.


Perspectives from Around the World

Hear unique stories of transformation from our partners around the world by exploring our Global Voices hub. Each article, video and resource provides a glimpse into the life-changing work made possible through your support.


Athena Gorospe

Langham - Supported Scholar

Athena Gorospe is a professor at Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) in the Philippines, a country ravaged by grinding poverty, natural disasters, and corruption. Since receiving her PhD with support from Langham, she has been equipping her students— future pastors, seminary professors, community leaders, and even a prosecution attorney—to enter into the suffering around them with compassion and biblical truth!

Moises, an attorney who prosecutes many human trafficking cases, says of learning from Dr. Gorospe, “She was instrumental in opening my eyes when it comes to concepts of justice and mercy, and she enabled me to read Scripture and apply it to my line of work. I’m just overwhelmed by the work of the Lord that I’m now being used by God to administer justice to the vulnerable.”

Langham scholars like Athena shape nations as they start and teach in seminaries, write evangelical resources, develop new ministries, and raise up future leaders for the church and the world.