We Publish Books

Believers around the world want to go deeper in their faith, but biblical resources in the Majority World are few and far between - and they are rarely written for their cultural context. Langham supports indigenous Christian writers and publishers who create Bible study resources for local pastors in their context to better understand and preach God's Word.

How It Works

Langham partners with local leaders to develop, publish, and distribute biblical resources that equip the local church for discipleship, helping believers grow in Christlikeness and sparking change in communities.

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Book distribution

We distribute biblical resources to churches, pastors, Bible colleges, and seminaries.

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Book development

We help develop groundbreaking commentaries and Bible study resources written in and for local contexts.

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Publisher support

We support writers and publishers translating and writing books for their local cultural context.

Where do we work?

Langham is active in more than 130 countries throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Pacific. Browse the map below and discover the scope of Langham's work.


Ways to Give

Help us develop, publish and distribute books to equip the Church in the Majority World. Your generosity can change lives and communities across the globe. You can give via EFT, online through our website or you can post us a cheque. Bequests are also greatly appreciated.


Perspectives from Around the World

Hear unique stories of transformation from our partners around the world by exploring our Global Voices hub. Each article, video and resource provides a glimpse into the life-changing work made possible through your support.


Augustin Ahoga

Langham - Supported Publisher

In the West African country of Benin, it would not be uncommon to see a follower of Jesus praising God on a Sunday morning—and then practicing voodoo at the local temple in the evening. Benin is commonly referred to as the birthplace of voodoo, and the practice is deeply ingrained in the culture. But Augustin Ahoga, the director of Christian publisher African Bible Press in Benin, has a vision to develop biblical books that open God’s Word to believers in his country. 

He says, “We produce books written by African authors to transform African readers—to help them understand the gospel in their own culture.” Augustin believes that books are key to helping his people come out of the darkness and into the light—able to apply God’s truth to local issues like voodoo, witchcraft, polygamy, and animal sacrifice.