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Holy Week Devotional: From the Cross to the Crown

This Easter we’ll be sharing the Holy Week devotions from the Langham Partnership published, From the Cross to the Crown devotional. It is designed to be read during Holy Week, from the Monday before Easter (March 25th) until Easter Sunday (March 31). The meditations come from the Africa Bible Commentary and the prayers are from Yohanna Katanacho’s Praying Through the Psalms.

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A note from Gillean

CEO of Langham Australia

How does Langham differ from mission organisations who send people and resources to build up the global church? We are focused on equipping the local church through supporting local leaders and developing contextual resources for use at a grassroots as well as a national level. 

With well trained leaders, and skilled pastors and preachers, the church is best placed to reach out to its own society and culture to share the good news of God’s saving love. 

Of course Langham partners with many mission organisations who do send people, and we delight in cooperative efforts in many regions. However our desire is to see the Church growing in maturity through the Godly leadership of men and women who have been raised up from within their own context and supported to receive the training and opportunities they need to have their voices heard not only at home, but in the global context as well. 

Praise God for the theological leaders, the authors and publishers and the preachers and teachers who are ensuring that God’s people across the world are being well fed on the living Word.

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