February Prayer Points

Please join us in praying for Langham around the world.


Langham Preaching is committed to providing indigenous resources to our participants. Training is offered in heart languages wherever possible. Pray for those that are involved in the regular translation of training materials, communications and Langham Preaching books.

Pray for Preaching events happening in these nations:

  • 11 – 17 February: Caribbean, Hong Kong, Colombia, SE Asia, Spain
  • 18-24 February: Middle East, Cambodia
  • 25 Feb – 2 March: Philippines, Sri Lanka, Spain
  • 3-9 March: SE Asia, South Asia, Uruguay, Guyana, Hungary, Philippines
  • 10-16 March: Philippines, Malawi, Spain

Where the country is sensitive, the region is given.


Please continue to pray for Scholars being supported through Langham Australia:

  • Pray for George Bishai in Egypt, for Joseph Byamukama as he studies in Uganda and for Crystal from East Asia. Pray for graduated Scholar Ronald as he continues his Writing Residency.
  • Pray for current scholars pursuing their PhD studies while they have young families—both of which are very time consuming!
  • Pray for current scholars as they apply for visas in order to undertake study residencies later this year.


The 2023 / 2024 Library Grant season is now underway. Pray for all the logistics involved in sending books to around 700 colleges. Pray that the books will all arrive at their destinations without delay in the shipping process.

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