Voices from Out of the Margins

Unpacking the purpose of our NEW Young Langham Podcast

What does it mean to be a Christian in your context? This is something that we in the Western world haven’t had to give much thought. We’re surrounded by examples of Christian culture and life in our country – and in other countries much like ours! Western Christianity dominates the past and in many cases, the present, but the Christian voices in the margins are a needed richness for the future.

To bring those voices to a place where they can be heard, Langham Partnership Australia has launched a new podcast called ‘Out of the Margins’. Brought to you by Young Langham, and hosted by two members of the Australian team, ‘Out of the Margins’ offers insights from Christians from the Majority World, with voices that challenge assumptions and broaden our perspective. 

Langham Partnership Australia Engagement Officer and one of the podcast hosts Edgar Solis says, “The significance of featuring voices ‘from the margins’ stems from the fact that individuals from the Majority World constitute an integral part of the global church. Their distinct perspectives contribute a unique richness to the diverse tapestry that constitutes the body of the church.”

We currently live in a world where Christianity in the West is increasingly being pushed to the margins in the post-Christendom era. But we have others who have gone before us in this and can guide us! This show aims to gain wisdom and insight from voices from the Majority World. Voices that often have been overlooked. 

Edgar says, “By listening to these voices, we open ourselves to a broader understanding of faith and practice. These perspectives, often overlooked, possess the potential to illuminate blind spots within our own worldview. By embracing the narratives of those on the margins, we gain awareness of issues that might otherwise be overlooked or misunderstood.”

‘Out of the Margins’ will be published fortnightly on all good podcasting apps. It will feature conversations with scholars and leaders from a variety of places in the Majority World. Topics include Reverse Mission, Spiritual Warfare, Interfaith Dialogue and Social Justice. 

The first episode explores the topic of Contextualization and is out now!

Contextualization is the process of making the gospel’s message relevant to specific, diverse contexts. This process is extremely important to all of Langham Partnership’s work, as we seek to enable Majority World scholars, leaders, ministers and Christians throughout the world to know and apply the Bible well for themselves, in their context. 

It’s a crucial theme to discuss as we listen to the often unheard voices from the Majority World, voices that offer unique perspectives. 

The discussion on contextualization in the first episode of ‘Out of the Margins’ underscores the significance of understanding the context when presenting the gospel. It’s not just about speaking but listening and adapting to the world around us.

Edgar says, “Engaging with fresh voices from Christians in the Majority World promises both challenge and excitement for listeners. These perspectives not only provide a novel and invigorating experience but also offer a profound well of wisdom. So expect to be blown away.”

In the first episode, hear from three remarkable individuals: Crystal, hailing from East Asia; Kamwende, a voice from Kenya; and Joseph, representing Uganda. They share their experiences and insights, revealing how the gospel has taken shape in their distinct, vibrant contexts. 

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