A Voice for the Voiceless: Seble Daniel’s Ministry in Ethiopia

Empowering and raising up women

Langham Partnership is known for serving the majority world by cultivating, equipping and developing pastors and resources to provide and nourish the Global Christian Church across all corners of the earth. Part of this work involves raising up women specifically, into leadership to both proclaim Christ and to speak up for others. 

Langham Scholar Seble Daniel is one such woman who has been supported and raised up by Langham. 

The ministry of Seble

Seble lives in Ethiopia and holds a PhD in theology, making her one of the first female theological leaders in the country. She received her PhD with support from Langham. Employed at the Ethiopian School of Graduate Theology (ESGT), Seble trains pastors and leaders to speak out against harmful practices, and to speak out the name of Christ in their culture. 

“It’s very important to give women a voice, and I believe in teaching students because I know that they will bring change,” Seble shares. “When I teach, I am aware that we have few women and we need to train more women so I always think that we should be intentional about addressing this problem and encouraging women to join theological institutions.”

Seble’s training and position at ESGT allows her to multiply leaders, both men and women, to impact lives by understanding and applying God’s Word. 

“Having a PhD meant a lot for me- it gave me a unique voice. Because of this training, so many doors are open now for me- even in the government,” she says. Seble’s PhD saw her invited by the government to train grassroots leaders to speak out against some of Ethiopia’s harmful traditional practices, most of which target and harm women and young girls. 

One of Seble’s students, Tigist, shared her excitement at seeing a female on staff at ESGT.

“I would say she’s [Seble] the only Ethiopian woman who can teach us theology. The first time that I saw her name on the board of who’s teaching the course, I was like ‘yay we finally got a woman!’. Being a woman myself, it makes me feel like I can be like her, like I can also teach theology,” Tigist said. 

“I’m so privileged to be part of many women’s ministries and building them up has been such a privilege,” Seble said.

Tigist shared that she is inspired by Seble, “because she doesn’t see limitations”. 

“In our community, it’s really tough being a woman and being educated is really rare and if you are lucky enough and you get educated it’s really hard to be accepted by the society because you’re a woman,” Tigist said. “I know why I’m here, it’s because of people like Dr Seble.”

“It’s going to make the face of the church more diverse, and more equipped and Biblical,” she shared.

Opportunities unlocked by Langham

“I’m grateful because God has allowed me to touch lives and because what we are doing has a lasting impact. If people are rooted in God’s word their life on planet earth would be better because they would have a good relationship with God and with people and their life after would be secure as well,” Seble said. 

“Thank you to Langham, because of your investment, because of what you have done for me, because you have stepped in, I am who I am now and I am able to touch so many lives. I’m so grateful, I sincerely want to say thank you for investing in me.”

Langham continues to be influential in Seble’s life. As she teaches and inspires others, God is multiplying her impact throughout the world.

“Just the fact that I am a woman and trained at a higher level, encourages so many women,” Seble concluded. 

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