January 2024 News

What’s inside

A note from Gillean

CEO of Langham Australia

January is the season for many wonderful Christian conferences held around Australia, featuring speakers of international renown who open the Scriptures to teach, encourage, exhort and even rebuke the thousands of Christians who are able to attend.

I am so grateful for the calibre of preachers we have available to us here in Australia – whether as guest speakers at major conferences, or as our regular Sunday preachers, week by week, and for the excellent training and resources they have available to them. I am also reminded of the millions of brothers and sisters in the faith who do not have access to trained, skilled preachers to help them understand God’s Word. 

The task before us is enormous, as we in Langham seek to provide high quality resources such as books written for the local context, training and support through national Preaching movements, and the leadership of highly trained, godly men and women working in their own context.  This January is a good time to express your appreciation to those who have studied so they can faithfully and clearly teach and preach to you.

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