Three female Langham authors you need to read

There are many wonderful voices shared through the publishing work of Langham Literature, and this month, we wanted to draw your attention to three women well worth your attention. These authors are just a small selection of the intelligent and insightful female Langham authors with works you should read!

Dr Ksenija Magda

Dr Ksenija Magda gained her PhD through the London School of Theology and Brunel University in the UK. Currently she is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at the Matthias Flacius Illyricus University Centre for Protestant Theology, Croatia. Her research primarily focuses on Pauline theology, exploring themes of church integration, the role of women, and mission.

She is a contributor to The Central and Eastern European Bible Commentary and In Academia for the Church, and the author of Blessing the Curse? A Biblical Approach for Restoring Relationships in the Church

Her book Blessing and Curse? traces the impact of the Genesis curse – and the ever-present temptation to choose the world and its power over the servant-hearted humility of Christ – on our families, our church structures, our nations, and ultimately, our gospel witness. 

About her motivation to write this book she says, “How have churches become some of the least safe places? Is Paul wrong? Or has the church adopted the curse rather than Christ? I started writing Blessing the Curse? because Christian women are still treated as cursed in many church narratives. Elsewhere we are taught the good news that Christ became cursed for us all and took away our curse (Gal 3:13). So why are women treated as an exception?”

Grab your copy of Blessing the Curse?

Read more of Ksenija’s thoughts in this article.

Dr Maggie Low

Maggie Low is a faculty member at Trinity Theological College, Singapore, where she teaches Old Testament, including Hebrew and Old Testament theology. As well as being a teacher she is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore. 

Maggie holds an impressive list of qualifications! She holds a Master of Divinity from Trinity Theological College in Singapore, a Master of Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey USA, and a PhD in Old Testament from Union-PSCE in Virginia USA.

Author of God, I’m Angry! and Preaching That Comes Alive, Maggie’s writing both provokes thought and informs practice. 

Read Maggie’s work:

Dr Melba Padilla Maggay

Dr Melba Padilla Maggay holds a doctorate in Philippine studies, a Master’s degree in English literature, and a first degree in mass communication. She is a specialist in intercultural communication and was a research fellow on the subject at the University of Cambridge. While there she applied intercultural communication to the question of culture and theology. 

Melba has lectured on this and other cross-cultural issues worldwide, including a stint as Northrup Visiting Professor at Hope College, Michigan, and Visiting Lecturer at All Nations Christian College in England. As a social anthropologist, she is a speaker and consultant on culture, social change, and development issues, and is highly sought after to speak at international events around the world. 

She is a contributor to Tackling Trauma, the editor of Dark Days of Authoritarianism and the author of Global Kingdom, Global People: Living Faithfully in a Multicultural World. 

Dr J. Andrew Kirk, Senior Research Fellow, International Baptist Theological Study Centre, Amsterdam says of Melba’s book Global Kingdom, Global People:

“Melba Maggay has written an enthralling account of how the living, written word of God can be applied creatively to many of the most pressing problems confronting the modern world. 

She is sure in her grasp of the historical and linguistic background to the text, relating it constantly to its own context. Melba has a most engaging style of writing, with many arresting turns of phrase. The result is a book whose (often poetic) prose is a delight to read. 

Readers will find this a refreshingly novel, inventive and compelling demonstration of the art of communicating to a thoroughly perplexed generation, across cultures and nations, the biblical explanation of human reality.”

Read Melba’s work:

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