Empowering local voices through contextual literature

In the heart of Francophone Africa in Côte d’Ivoire, a pastor and editor named Stéphane Bilé is championing the cause of contextual literature through his role at LivresHippo, a publishing initiative of Langham Literature. Stéphane’s journey into editorial work began in 2015 when he was presented with an opportunity by his former professor, Dr Solomon…

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Training the whole church to know and serve Jesus

Dinorah B. Méndez is a Langham Scholar who is working and ministering in her home country of Mexico. She is the director of Byblos Institute in Durango, Mexico, a centre of strategic biblical training for lay leaders. Seeing the whole church equipped Dinorah did her PhD at Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK on a…

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Two books from the Majority World to read this year

New books are released constantly and wading through them to find the best and most informative can be a long and arduous process. Below are two books from writers who live and work in the Majority World. These books offer guidance and direction on certain topics within the Bible and how they translate to modern…

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Tackling Trauma: a Ukrainian Perspective

Tackling Trauma

Earlier this year, the Ukrainian translation of Tackling Trauma was published in cooperation with the Eastern European Institute of Theology (Lviv, Ukraine). By the early summer 2023, two print runs had sold out, and interest in the book continues to grow. The war in Ukraine has meant that Ukrainian churches have been called upon to…

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Engaging Christians in their context in an accessible way

Jangkholam Haokip

Editor and author Jangkholam Haokip describes his involvement with Langham Literature as “truly providential.” As he was trying to get his work published for the first time, Jangkholam felt out of depth about the process and the expectation of publishers, but Langham Literature made publication possible for him.  Jangkholam shares, “I had a feeling that…

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