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A note from Gillean

CEO of Langham Australia

Dear friend, 

I have been reflecting on some of the great Bible teachers, preachers and authors I have been exposed to throughout my life, and giving thanks to God for the opportunity to learn from them and grow in my knowledge of and love for our Lord Jesus Christ. Each one of these faithful expositors has had the blessing of sound theological training and resources to help them in their calling to explain and preach the Word. 

How vital it is to provide similar training and resources for those who are in places where there is no opportunity to study or be trained, and yet the people of God are hungry to be fed solid food to help them grow in their spiritual maturity.  With 92% of faculty in over 700 Majority World Theological Colleges using Langham books, and over 330 new courses being added each year because of the availability of Langham books, the possibility of being trained is growing, facilitated by the hundreds of completed Langham scholars who are serving in their home contexts as theological leaders. 

Let us give thanks for all those dedicating their lives to providing top quality training and education for our brothers and sisters to minister in some of the most challenging locations in the world.

South Asia Study Bible appeal

Can you help place a new South Asia Study Bible into the hands of a pastor?

This EOFY we’re asking for your help with the launch of the very first South Asia Study Bible! This book is being written by a team of more than 40 South Asian contributors, 11 of whom are Langham Scholars. It is greatly anticipated by church leaders and believers.

As the church continues to grow – and as believers face increasing persecution – church leaders need resources to help them disciple converts from other religions and apply God’s Word to their cultural context.

Langham Publishing announces new academic imprint 

Langham Publishing, the Christian publishing house of Langham Partnership International, has recently launched a new imprint – Langham Academic.

This new imprint aims to build upon their platform for insightful scholarly work that is faithful to Scripture, from and for the Majority World.

Rev. Dr. Hani Hanna, International Director of Langham Literature, says: “Academic books are vital for effective theological education by serving as a primary, readily available knowledge source. This significance is exponentially amplified through much of the Majority World due to resource constraints. Initiatives like Langham Academic play a crucial role globally by prioritising contextual relevance in their publications.”

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