More than words – sharing books that enable faithful preaching

What would you do if you needed to get a book to prepare for a series of sermons? Head to the library, a local bookstore or most commonly – just jump online and order it directly to your door! 

For much of the Majority World, this unfettered access to books and resources isn’t possible. Whether it’s limited access to the internet, shops or money – many Christian leaders and pastors find it difficult to get needed materials for training and preaching. 

To get books into the hands of those who really need them, Langham Partnership has a distribution program. Each year thousands of biblical books are sent to Majority World pastors, students and ministry partners!

‘So we can be better faithful preachers’

Over 26,000 books were distributed by Langham Partnership in the 22/23 financial year, with over 13,000 of them supplied free of charge to participants at, or Coordinators of, Langham Preaching seminars and clubs.

10,320 books and 2324 booklets were supplied to preaching seminar participants in 16 countries. Book packs are also sent to Langham Preaching Coordinators, with 1025 books and 77 booklets being sent to 185 coordinators and facilitators from 52 countries.

One preaching coordinator in South Asia shared, “I have received the packet of books. Thank you so much. I am deeply grateful to Langham Preaching for sharing its resources with us so that we can be better faithful preachers of the Word.”

Another recipient said, “Thank you. I am deeply grateful to Langham for the continued support I am receiving in equipping me in my preaching ministry. May the Lord continue to prosper Langham.”

More than just a number of books or pages or words, these resources are practical assets that are seeing the church in many places grow and become mature through the Word of God!

‘Sweeter than Honey’ – an equipping book

One book provided as part of this program is Chris Wright’s ‘Sweeter than Honey’. Chris was born and raised in Ireland but has a deep connection to the Majority World and Langham Partnership. Chris spent five years working in the Majority World, then worked at a college specialising in cross-cultural mission, and was also for many years the International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership. Chris writes with sensitivity and compassion as a result of his deep engagement with and knowledge of the Majority World.

‘Sweeter than Honey’ is dedicated to Preaching through the Old Testament of the Bible and ensuring that its wisdom and Biblical truths are not ignored. Wright uses this book to guide preachers through understanding, and helping them to expound the word of God that Jesus would have read, and used in his own teaching. This book covers topics including History, Law, Prophets, Psalms and Wisdom Literature, interwoven with checklists, exercises and sermons to assist the reader. The preacher is provided with an essential guide on how to handle the Old Testament correctly for authentic and Biblical preaching. 

Langham Partnership Australia CEO, Gillean Smiley, says of this book, “I really appreciate Chris Wright’s Sweeter than Honey because it provides practical application and help as well as the theological explanation of why it is so important for the Old Testament to be well taught and expounded. Working systematically through the different genres of the Old Testament, the book can be used by individuals seeking a better understanding, or by groups seeking to study and practice preaching, making the book an invaluable resource for the Preaching Program around the world.”

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God’s generosity and grace on display

What seems so easy for us in the Western World to access is a gift of great magnitude for many Christians in the Majority World. 

Langham Literature staff member involved in distribution, Wayne Johnston, shared a story a few years ago that illustrates the importance of accessing these books to those who receive them. He shared, “Today one of my contacts in an African country, who is thousands of miles away from home and is suffering with severe health issues whilst living in a village which is flooded regularly, contacted me to show his appreciation of the box of books he had received. This gentleman could be forgiven for getting on a flight home and receiving medical attention. But no, he is fulfilling his own calling and staying in challenging parts of Africa who only have a form of power once a week but are overwhelmed when they receive that box of books which we have given…This gentleman ends his email by saying he prays for me and prays I keep safe and well!”

Please pray for Langham Literature and Langham Preaching as they continue all the work that enables this service! 

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