The work goes on in Sierra Leone

Chris Jonah, our Preaching Co-ordinator in Sierra Leone, shared this recent update (dated 25 March 2020).

Dear Friends & Partners

Greetings. We thank God for making it possible for us to have a Level 1 Preaching seminar at the military headquarters in March. It was a very good seminar. We had 73 participants in total and it was a very engaging time. Most were chaplains or their church leaders, few other pastors who are not a part of their churches were invited.

Attendees at the recent Preaching Seminar in Sierra Leone

We praise God that we do not have any case of Covid-19 at the moment and do pray it stays that way. There are restrictions on public gatherings above 100. We followed all the health warnings. We had a bucket with a tap and soap to ensure that everyone complies.

Shaking things up

The chaplains were really eager to learn. The main sessions were very good and interactive. Very good questions and issues came up. Overall, all were challenged to go back to the Bible and begin or continue to teach the content of the Bible within its proper historical, literary and grammatical context.

All of us were challenged in different ways. This was entirely new for some and the personal discussions we had were very revealing. One of the guests, who is not a military chaplain and serves as the leader of one of the Independent churches, said that the principles we are teaching brings out the truth but they are so used to doing it a particular way, he said it is going to be hard for them. He has expressed interest in our College and wants their pastors to enroll later this year.

The seminar was well attended by both Military Chaplains and local pastors

At the end of the seminar it felt like the training has caused a shakeup with many questioning certain held practices or methods of teaching the Bible. We do hope and pray that God will continue that process and bring many to a better understanding of how to faithfully, carefully and relevantly teach the scriptures.

The head chaplain has suggested that they will not like to wait for a year to do level 2; they will like to do it in the second half of the year. They will also include us in their regular training at the start of each year.

We continue to thank our team of facilitators and volunteers who help to make our seminars possible.

Chris Jonah, Principal, Grace and Truth Bible College
Langham Preaching Co-ordinator for Sierra Leone

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