Engaging with Asian Christian Theology through Literature 

Aldrin notes two things of particular significance that stand out to him about Langham Literature.  “First is the emphasis of Langham Literature on Biblically sound doctrine; second, it’s the focus it has on publishing literature that is relevant for the Majority World,” he shared. Biblically sound doctrine Aldrin says that the texts and resources that…

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The ‘multiplication effect’ of a Scholar in the Philippines

Beatrice Ang

Langham Graduate Beatrice Ang graduated from Edinburgh University with a PhD this summer, and is already back home in the Philippines serving in two Bible colleges. Simon Foulds, LPUKI’s Development Manager, caught up with Beatrice recently to find out how she’s settling in.  Beatrice: It was a wonderful experience. My parents were not able to…

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Listening to God’s Word and the World

If you’re looking to find Langham Scholar Dr. Rolex Cailing, a biblical leader trained with support from Langham in the Philippines, you’re going to have to look in some unusual places. Many Filipinos would expect to find him tucked away in his office all day. But Rolex is more likely to be found engaged in…

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