New Service Centre in Carlisle doubles capacity

The new office space for programme support staff is much larger. There are also better facilities such as kitchens/toilets.

Langham’s new fit-for-purpose support centre and distribution hub in Carlisle (UK) is now in use, despite Covid-related delays and interruptions.

The three-year project seeks to fulfil the need for double the capacity of the previous warehouse and offices, leased by Langham for ten years.

John Libby, LPUKI’s National Director explained: “The crucial decision to purchase and develop rather than renew another ten-year lease will result in very significant savings each year – possibly enough to sponsor two or three more Scholars!

“It also serves as the accumulation of a Langham asset to serve future vision.

Raise Langham’s profile

“Our prayer in that the new centre might help raise Langham’s profile locally in Carlisle and nationally, and beyond as our programmes benefit from better support.”

Langham Literature’s library grant schemes operate from the centre, involving staff sending thousands of books to Majority World colleges every year.

The new warehouse office much bigger capacity for Langham Literature’s library grant books.

Crucial support staff for the Literature, Preaching and Scholars programmes also work from the centre, which now has much better office space and facilities.

Lead by example

Speaking to local newspaper News & Star, Langham Literature’s Director of Operations Libby Kelly said the new centre will also be ‘greener’ than the previous premises.

She added: “It is important to us that we are leading by example and doing our bit to support Carlisle and the extended region around Cumbria by using local contractors for the build and employing staff living within and near Carlisle.”

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John Libby (LPUKI National Director) with Tayo Arikawe (International Director) at the new Langham Service Centre.
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