Langham Preaching Regional Coordinator and award-winning author

Wilfredo Weigandt has worked in Langham Preaching for many years, previously in a volunteer capacity as the National Coordinator in Argentina for 18 years. Currently, Wilfredo is working as the Regional Coordinator for the Southern Cone in Latin America which includes Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Wilfredo’s main responsibility is to accompany and encourage the work of each of the Langham Preaching Movements across the Southern Cone. 

“This implies accompanying virtual and face-to-face seminars and workshops, forming leadership teams, training facilitators, generating contact and agreements with Pastors’ Associations, Institutes, and denominations,” he shares.

Wilfredo and the rest of the Langham Preaching Latin American Continental Leadership Team

The Langham Impact

Wilfredo is thankful that the Langham Movements in Argentina and Chile have been growing for years, with increasingly comprehensive consolidations and expansions. 

“Paraguay and Uruguay are now pioneering Movements, which I developed ‘from 0’ with a slow process of ‘step by step’,” he says.

“The diversity of cultures and situations of each Movement is very challenging. One weekend I am facilitating a seminar-workshop in a modest country house, for pastors who barely know how to speak Spanish, and the next I’m in a hotel facilitating another seminar-workshop with pastors who manage the original languages of the Bible!”

Best Latin American Book of 2022

In addition to his work with Langham, Wilfredo can now add being an award-winning author to his resume.

His book, titled ‘Preaching and News’ was selected by Letra Viva as the best Latin American book of 2022. He says he was surprised by the news that he’d won the award as he didn’t expect to even publish the sermons in the book when he was developing them. While it is a book for preachers with sermons, it is also for believers in general due to the themes that it covers.

“When I preached them I felt that they touched on ‘something deep in current reality’, when I shared them in writing with friends and acquaintances I received very positive feedback, and when my Regional Team colleagues read them I was encouraged to think about publishing them,” he shares. 

“In the book, you can find different types of preaching according to its exegetical, hermeneutical, and homiletical structure; as well as sermons that present a variety of genres and books of the Old Testament. The book also has thematic series sermons, sermons on complete Biblical passages and a dialogue between the Bible and reality.”

The book also features Wilfredo’s testimony and mentions several situations that strongly impacted him and are linked to the sermon content.   

Wilfredo hopes that through his book, the Holy Spirit will speak the Word of God and point the reader back to Jesus Christ as our supreme example for life. He hopes it will inspire the reader to live as a Christian spiritually incarnated in their current reality. 

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