Hindi translation of landmark commentary published

Langham is praising God that the Hindi translation of the South Asia Bible Commentary is set to be released on 20 November 2020. 

The landmark South Asia Bible Commentary was launched in English five years ago. Nearly 100 evangelical Scholars from across South Asia contributed to the 1824-page commentary. 

Open Door Publications (ODP) published the resource, in partnership with Zondervan and Langham Partnership. The project took seven years.

Important resource

South Asia Bible Commentary launch
The launch of the South Asia Bible Commentary in 2015

ODP is planning to launch the Hindi translation at their virtual annual convention on 20 November. A second release is set to take place during an in-person meeting in Delhi at the end of the month.

Langham Scholar Dr Finny Philip, Director of ODP, said he is in “awe” at God’s mercy “in bringing this important resource for the Hindi speaking people of God”. 

“Thank you so much Langham for making us feel accomplished to do something like this.”

Heart language

In the preface to the Hindi version, Dr Finny said this publication is “another significant feather added to the history of Christianity in India”. The first translation of Hindi gospels happened in around 1818.

Dr Finny Philip
Langham Scholar Dr Finny Philip is the Director of Open Door Publications, which published the Hindi translation in partnership with Langham.

“The need for bringing the commentary to the heart language brought the vision to newer heights.

“The desire is to see native Hindi speakers work on the source language; capture the truths of the word of God; and convey the message accurately, while keeping in mind the terminology and contextual factors that are familiar to an ordinary Hindi believer.”

“Hindi is probably the third-most used language in the world and by far the largest language in India.”

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