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Langham Preaching helps bring transformation

OTS team with food packs for distribution
OTS team with food packs for distribution

Veena is a regional co-ordinator for Langham Preaching in South Asia and earlier this year she shared the following thoughts about the Langham Preaching program: “I love the ethos of Langham Preaching. The emphasis on prayer, depending on the Lord Jesus, valuing all people with dignity and respect, and focussing not only on the skills but also on the character of a preacher, are some of the things I love most.

It’s a joy to work with Langham folk. The grace, love and encouragement shown by Langham leaders and colleagues is a unique blessing. It’s so empowering to see the local leadership, local language and culture are given such primacy while upholding the values, priorities and goals based on scripture faithfully. I love this balance.

When we teach the Langham method of observing the bible passage, and the process of preparing the sermon, we see the joy of discovery in the participants. They are so excited and encouraged by the results as they work in small groups. Many of them have expressed that their sermon preparation has become more interesting and that their congregations are finding the difference in their preaching. This gives me hope that the Church in my nation will continue to grow deeper in the Word of God and will mature as the pastors and their congregations spend more time in the Word of God.

We also have a great need to emphasise and develop the character of our preachers. Langham’s emphasis on the integrity and character of the preachers is meeting this need. I love seeing the transformation in thought, word and deed of the participants.”

This transformation is happening in many Majority World countries

Last year we were encouraged to hear the testimony of Langham-trained pastor John in Liberia (West Africa). Before receiving training on how to faithfully teach the Bible, he says he would just pick a verse and preach on whatever he thought was best. Today, he calls that “a great mistake” and has committed to faithfully study and clearly preach God’s Word to his congregation. He says, “I want to bless God for Langham Preaching. . . Langham has greatly improved my level of preaching and teaching. I am grateful to God and the Langham family for this training.”

We praise God for this transformation in pastor John’s preaching, knowing that it will lead to transformation in the hearts of his congregation members as they come to know Jesus.

But the Majority World church needs more trained leaders

In many places, the church is growing rapidly in vulnerable soil, and as many as 80% of its pastors lack biblical training. In Africa, our brothers and sisters in Christ come to church hungry to hear what God’s Word says in the face of everyday struggles like poverty,  lack of educational opportunities, diseases like HIV/AIDS, and pressures from Islam and African traditional religions. Instead, many are met with false and harmful teachings that leave them vulnerable and without hope. Matthew Gonkerwon, a pastor who now helps lead the training effort in Liberia, paints a stark picture: “Described as a mile wide and an inch deep, the church is growing physically but not spiritually. Spiritual growth is shallowed with lots of false teachers and preachers, especially with the increase of prosperity gospel. Church members migrate from one church to another in search for solutions to life challenges.”

Support from faithful partners like you has made it possible for Langham to train hundreds of local pastors and lay leaders like Pastor John in Liberia. As Matthew shares, it’s making a difference: “With the introduction of Langham Preaching, we are seeing a shift of Christians growing in the Word. The preaching within our country, due to Langham preaching training, has greatly improved.” Pictured above is another group of Liberian pastors who attended training just this month.

Please help us continue this vital Kingdom work.

Join us in prayer


  • Pray for Egyptian Scholar George Bishai who is unable to return to Australia to complete his PhD, but now hopes to spend some time in the UK next year to do so.
  • Pray also for a Scholar from Myanmar hoping to come to Australia to study. The start of the new academic year (which is now in the northern hemisphere) will look very different for some of our Langham scholars as they continue with online classes or use online resources to undertake their research and writing.
  • Pray for perseverance and concentration as they make the most from their current situations.
  • Pray too for those scholars who have had the start of their PhD programs delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic closing universities, seminaries or imposing travel restrictions.


  • Since the start of the pandemic, the Langham Preaching Global Leadership Team have been meeting online each week. Please pray for each member: Femi Adeleye, Jennifer Cuthbertson, Mark Meynell, Igor Amestegui, Dwi Handayani, Paul Windsor and Ruth Slater as they continue to lead the work of Langham Preaching globally. Praise God that much Preaching work is going ahead using virtual means. Recently, 55 African Preaching Coordinators attended an online session, receiving training in Langham Preaching’s ethos of team leadership and preaching clubs. In an online Refresher Day in Colombia – 330 participants joined the call! Praise God for these encouragements and for those who led and attended the sessions.


  • Please pray for the launch of the Hindi version of the South Asia Bible Commentary! Pray for a major impact across this very large language group where few contextual resources are available to the church.
  • Pray for a publisher in a South Asian country, a preacher and pastor who has faced a catalogue of difficulties this year on top of Covid-19, including cyclone, flooding, food shortages and the arrest of his evangelist colleague. He reaches out to villages in his region with the Gospel and with purpose-built literature. Pray for the impact of his message as he ministers and witnesses to the refugees on his doorstep


  • Pray for the search and appointment of a new International Director, to work alongside Chris Wright (who continues as International Ministries Director), for the task of providing coordination and overall direction for the senior leadership and operational teams.  The search was postponed earlier in the year, but has recently re-commenced. Pray for a good selection process, despite the inability of the team to meet in person.

    Pray for the online meetings of the international leadership team and the International Council that will take place this month. Pray that despite not being physically present with each other, good discussions will still be had and helpful decisions made.

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