4 ways to pray for Asia & South Pacific

Dr Dwi Maria Handayani, in Indonesia, is the Langham Preaching Director for Asia and South Pacific. She recently asked us to pray for:

1. Countries with low connectivity

During this pandemic, many of us are extremely grateful for the ability to connect with others using the internet. Langham Preaching teams around the world have trained trainers, held virtual training sessions and kept small preaching clubs going via WhatsApp.

Dr Dwi Maria Handayani, Langham Preaching’s Director for Asia, spoke to supporters during a recent Langham Live Zoom call.

But there are places in Asia and the South Pacific where connectivity is weak. Dwi asks us to pray for countries such as Vanuatu. It is difficult for her to keep in touch with the preaching team there.

Plans to introduce the work of Langham Preaching in a couple of countries in Asia and South Pacific have been cancelled due to the pandemic. Please pray that these crucial meetings will be able to go ahead soon.

2. Langham Preaching’s leadership team for Asia

There are five people helping Dwi in different regions of Asia. The newest member of the team started their role just as the pandemic struck. The team feels very new, having only met together once in person last year. Please pray that the team will remain united in purpose and enjoy fellowship together online.

Give thanks that in countries such as Malaysia, the preachers who have been trained by Langham have had to adapt to preaching more because they are unable to invite preachers in from outside. 

3. Schemes to help the poor

Across Asia, Langham-trained preachers are putting their faith into action by distributing food to the poor. Please pray that these schemes will bless those in need, and point people to Christ.

4. The ‘Big Country’

Please pray for Christians facing huge difficulties in the Big Country, where security is a pressing concern. Praise God that small preaching clubs are flourishing there. Dwi asks us to pray for ‘R’, Langham Preaching’s coordinator there, as she supports and encourages church leaders. 

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