Arabic Contemporary Commentary Launched

“To us, this means Life.” As Herod plotted to destroy the newborn King of the Jews by killing baby boys born in Bethlehem, Joseph, his wife Mary, and the infant Jesus found safety as refugees, in Egypt. Egyptian Christians still celebrate the flight into Egypt today, and the Coptic tradition holds that the gospel was…

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Landmark Arabic Commentary launched in Cairo

A huge milestone was reached last month when the Arabic Contemporary Commentary (ACC) was launched in Cairo. This one-volume commentary on the whole Bible is a Langham Literature project, which began over ten years ago. It is the first of its kind: a commentary on the whole Bible, written by 48 Arab theologians, for Arabic-speaking…

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“Blessed are the peace-makers”

Rula Mansour

Rula Mansour is a Palestinian Christian woman who lives in Israel, and a Langham Scholar. She shares her story, her research, and her future vision for peace. In 1948 at the age of 12 my father became a refugee in his own country. After losing their land and property in Tiberias during the nakba, they started…

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Author Spotlight – Yohanna Katanacho

Yohanna Katanacho

Langham Scholar, author and editor Yohanna Katanacho gives some background to his journey of faith and the story behind Praying Through the Psalms: I was born in Jerusalem, in June 1967, during the Arab–Israeli war known as the “Six-Day War”. My father risked his life to bring us home and despite the bomb that exploded next…

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