eNews June 2022

Langham commentary tree

“Ancestral Tree” of 35 ground-breaking, indigenous, regional Bible Commentary Projects funded by Langham Partnership  “Good preaching is impossible without study,” said Langham founder John Stott, “and study is impossible without good books.” Langham Literature provides Majority World pastors, scholars and seminary libraries with good books and electronic resources through grants, discounts and distribution. We also…

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In His Own Words: Conrad Mbewe

How a pastor in search of biblical books in the right context finds “a rich vein of gold” Conrad Mbewe knows from personal experience that these words by John Stott are true: “Good preaching is impossible without study, and study is impossible without good books.” Although today Conrad is a theological leader in his native…

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A Scholar’s response to terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso

Langham Scholar Yacouba Sanon, who is from Burkina Faso in West Africa, reacts to recent events in his home country. 1) What has happened in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso recently? Three weeks ago, on March 2 2018, the headquarters of the Burkina Faso army staff and the French Embassy were attacked. Seven people were killed and more…

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