May Prayer Points Copy

Please join us in praying for Langham around the world. 


Please pray for the pastors and church leaders who attended training in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea during the first week of May. Pray they will put into practice what they have learned! 

Similarly, pray for the small group of Australian Aboriginal pastors who have now done the three levels of Preaching training, that they will put into practice what they have learned and support each other in their preaching.

Pray for the Preaching leadership, especially Paul Windsor, Ruth Slater, Dwi Handayani and Stephen Williams (Regional Coordinator for the South Pacific, based in Australia).

Pray for Preaching events happening in these nations:

14-20 May: West Asia, Canada (Hispanic diaspora), Romania
21-27 May: Canada (Hispanic diaspora), South Africa, Liberia, USA (Hispanic diaspora), Kenya, Croatia
28 May-3 June: Switzerland, Central Africa, Bolivia
4-10 June: Vanuatu

Where countries are considered sensitive, the region is given.


Please continue to pray for Scholars being supported through Langham Australia. Pray for George Bishai in Egypt as he revises his thesis, for Joseph Byamukama as he studies in Uganda and for Crystal from East Asia, who continues her studies through Sydney University. 

Pray for all those who have applied for Langham Scholarships starting in July 2023, as they continue through the application process and learn whether they have been selected for a scholarship. Pray for those who guide them through this process and make the difficult selection decisions.


The demand and opportunities for partnering with good evangelical publishers and writers in the Majority World are huge. Pray that by working with and advising them, we have the opportunity to significantly increase the number and volume of heart language titles for the church in many different contexts. 

Please continue to pray for the various editorial teams involved in the large one-volume commentary projects, particularly those involved in the Africa Bible Commentary (revised edition).  

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