February Prayer Points

Please join us in praying for the work of Langham Partnership around the world. 


Pray for Stephen Williams as he coordinates the Langham Preaching work in the South Pacific and for Aboriginal pastors in Australia. Pray for Pastor Tukana Nakesu from Fiji as he is trained to manage the South Pacific coordination work.

Pray for these Preaching training events and meetings

  • 12-18 February: Senegal, Philippines, Vanuatu, the Gambia, Colombia
  • 19-25 February: Cambodia, South Asia (Multipart Seminars)
  • 26 Feb- 4 March: Sri Lanka, Paraguay
  • 5-11 March: Middle East, South Asia, West Africa
  • 12-18 March: Benin, Thailand, Malaysia

Where countries are considered sensitive, the region is given.


Pray for our Scholar Care Coordinators around the Langham world as they juggle other responsibilities alongside their care and support of Langham Scholars and Graduates.  

Please remember Dr Riad Kassis, International Director of Langham Scholars, as he leads the Scholars’ Team. May he be given wisdom, strength and energy as he will be travelling more over the coming months to various meetings and events while balancing his usual responsibilities.  


The Library Grant season is now underway. Pray for all the logistics involved in sending books from the UK to around 700 colleges across the Majority World. Pray that the books will arrive at their destinations without delay in the shipping process.


Please pray for the Operational Management Team, which is comprised of administrative staff from each Program and National Member, working together to create policies and sharing good practices and ideas. (Jenny Bawden is the Australian representative of this group.)


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