Pray for Langham Preaching in the South Pacific

When you hear “Fiji”, your first thought might be a tourist destination with stunning beaches and constant sunshine.

Stephen Williams (rt) with Tukana Nakesu (Preaching Movement Coordinator, Fiji).

But last month, sun-bathing was out of the question for over 50 people who attended Langham Preaching training.

Retired minister Stephen Williams and Revd Andy Shudall were among the trainers who led one group through the first level of training, and another through Level Two.

Huge Privilege

Andy said on Twitter it was a “huge privilege” to serve these pastors and preachers in Fiji. He also said dates have been set for the final level of preaching training next year.


Stephen recently shared more about his role as Regional Coordinator for Langham Preaching in the South Pacific.

Stephen Williams leading training in Fiji last month.

“In my three years as Regional Coordinator, I’ve valued coming to know and love the people of the South Pacific – and have enjoyed the opportunity to look at the Bible freshly and study it closely.

Rich fellowship

“I could wish I was starting my ministry all over again! The rich fellowship with others in Langham, knowing their support, wisdom and encouragement is another thing I have enjoyed.”

Andy asked for prayer for the preachers in Fiji who were trained last month.

Let’s be praying that the Church in Fiji grows in faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ. And that those who completed Level Two will attend Level Three next year!

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