October Prayer Points

Please join us in praying for Langham around the world.


This month the first Facilitator Workshop in the South Pacific will take place in Suva, Fiji. 16 participants will be led by Jennifer Cuthbertson in learning ‘how to teach’. Pray that this week will be a fruitful time and that those who are present will go on to train others in the region.

The first ever Langham Preaching seminar was held in the West African country of Gabon last week. Pray that those who attended will put into practice what they learned and meet regularly with others in preaching clubs (or ushirikas as they are known in Africa). 

Pray for Preaching events happening in these nations:

  • 15-21 October – Central Africa, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Liberia
  • 22-28 October – Fiji, Liberia (Refresher training + meetings)
  • 29 Oct-4 Nov – Colombia, South Asia (3), Eurasia
  • 5-11 Nov – Liberia (2), South Asia (2)
  • 12-18 Nov – Colombia, Liberia (2), Costa Rica

Where countries are considered sensitive, the region is given.


Please continue to pray for Scholars being supported through Langham Australia. Pray for George Bishai in Egypt as he revises his thesis, for Joseph Byamukama as he studies in Uganda and for Crystal from East Asia, who continues studying through Sydney University and considers what happens when she finishes her PhD in early 2024.


The catalogues for the 2023-2024 Library Grant Program are currently in production (in English and French). Pray that all the various elements will come together in a timely way and that there are no unnecessary delays.

Pray too for graduated Scholar Ronald as he plans for a residency in another SE Asian country, in order to write the first theological book in his native language.

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