October 2022 eNews

What’s inside

A note from Gillean

CEO of Langham Australia

As it also is overseas, flooding is becoming a regular part of our experience here in Australia. It is becoming as much as bushfires mark our summers.

The creation certainly is groaning, and we grieve with it as we see the terrible, heartbreaking effects on lives and livelihoods. How encouraging it is to see faithful Christians finding ways to love and serve their neighbours in practical and tangible ways.

I have been reflecting recently on the call to live holy and Godly lives, both in response to our salvation and all the more as we see the Day of the Lord approaching.

A truly Godly life is one poured out in love and there are unlimited opportunities for this in the suffering and difficulties we see around us every day. Let us take up the challenge to feed our neighbour, both with bread for the body and the Bread of Life.

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