Leaders in Zambia download new Langham Preaching App

Attendees of Langham preaching training in Zambia at the end of January this year.

A Langham Preaching training event took place for 50 people in Mongu, Zambia from 29th January to 1st February this year. It was the first Langham Preaching event in the area, and was a great success. The training was led by Zambia coordinator Siseho Minyoi, Langham Literature author Revd Conrad Mbewe, Chipita Sibale and Joseph Honto.

Participants received books and a certificate at the end of the event. During one of the sessions, the attendees were shown how to use the new Langham Preaching App. They downloaded it and started using it straightaway. Please pray that these preachers would be served well by the App, and use it to improve their preaching.

Preachers downloading the new App during a training session in Zambia.

Langham Preaching coordinators from all over Africa were shown the App at a conference last year.

Mark Meynell, Langham Preaching Director (Europe and Caribbean), sacrificially joined the event in Ghana for literally 24 hours, in order to teach attendees about the technology.

Mark helped them take the giant step from old communication methods to the “app way of communicating”.

Seedbed Project: Langham Preaching App

Langham Preaching has developed an exciting new App for phones and tablets, for those in Preaching Clubs around the world. Between Langham Preaching events during the year, attendees are encouraged to join or form ‘Preaching Clubs’ for fellowship, peer support and help with sermons.

This App enables Preaching Club members to stay connected, encourage each other and discuss preaching-related issues. It aids communication, and even helps users to structure sermons.

But Langham Preaching wants to develop multi-lingual versions of the App, enable users to export and import sermon outlines to other Apps, and include pages for National Langham Preaching movements to communicate with their members. All that will cost £16,500. Will you partner with us to fund these vital updates?


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