January 2023 eNews

What’s inside

A note from Gillean

CEO of Langham Australia

Welcome to a new year, and new opportunities for Langham Partnership in Australia!

We are delighted to announce the addition of two new part-time staff, who will be focusing on engaging with young people as the future of the organisation.

It is well known and documented in charity circles and mission agencies that (as a generalisation) the younger generation has not inherited the commitment of past generations to philanthropy and support for missions.

We know that younger people often have different criteria for choosing the causes they support, needing to see a direct and personal connection.

Simon Nugent in Brisbane and Edgar Solis in Melbourne will be focusing on developing those connections as they engage with younger Christians, encouraging them to consider Langham as an agency with which to partner. Please join with us in prayer for these two young men as they help prepare Langham Partnership Australia to become sustainable for a long-term future.




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