Growing Deeper

Veena is a regional co-ordinator for Langham Preaching and she shared the following thoughts about our Langham Preaching programme:

“I love the ethos of Langham Preaching. The emphasis on prayer, depending on the Lord Jesus, valuing all people with dignity and respect, and focussing not only on the skills but also on the character of a preacher are some of the things I love most.

It’s a joy to work with Langham folk. The grace, love and encouragement shown by Langham leaders and colleagues is a unique blessing. It’s so empowering to see the local leadership, local language and culture are given such primacy while upholding the values, priorities and goals based on scripture faithfully. I love this balance.

Reason to hope

When we teach the Langham method of observing the bible passage, and the process of preparing the sermon, we see the joy of discovery in the participants. They are so excited and encouraged by the results as they work in small groups. Many of them have expressed that their sermon preparation has become more interesting and that their congregations are finding the difference in their preaching. This gives me hope that the Church in my nation will continue to grow deeper in the Word of God and will mature as the pastors and their congregations spend more time in the Word of God.

We also have a great need to emphasize and develop the character of our preachers. Langham emphasis on the integrity and character of the preachers is meeting this need. I love seeing the transformation in thought, word and deed of the participants.”

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