Being a useful tool in the hands of the Lord 

Cisca Ahwireng’s journey of faith began in 1984 when she attended an evangelistic event with her mother. It was there that she gave her life to Christ, confessing Him as her Lord and Saviour. Her life has been one of service to Him ever since.

Cisca’s weeks are filled with various activities that reflect her commitment to ministry and growth. She spends hours studying the Word of God to prepare her weekly devotional, which she shares on YouTube. 

In addition to her devotional work, Cisca serves as the Ushirika Coordinator and facilitator with Langham Expository – Ghana. She is also a Pastor, overseeing Administration at Calvary Worship Centre in Accra, Ghana, and Vice-Chair of the Board of Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GHAFES). Additionally, she works as a coach and consultant, focusing on customer experience and team building.

Wanting to know more and more

Cisca’s first exposure to Langham Partnership came in August 2019 when she attended a foundational course in expository preaching. This experience marked the beginning of her involvement with Langham Preaching, which deepened in March 2020 when she underwent training on preaching from the Old Testament. 

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cisca remained committed to her training, participating in online prayer meetings and refresher sessions organised by Langham.

“Those times were very helpful and impactful,” Cisca explains, “as I gained a better understanding of the concepts and skills of expository preaching. My desire to know more increased.”    

Cisca’s involvement with Langham Preaching has been a source of great encouragement and excitement for her. 

“I have learnt so much about how to do Expository Preaching effectively,” Cisca shares. “As a teacher of the Word, it has become very easy to faithfully handle the Word of God for transformation. Staying to the text and allowing the Word to speak for itself, paying attention and observing the details of each verse, chapter, book and the connection that each verse has with another to make the meaning of Scripture intricate.”

Not just training but fellowship

One of Cisca’s most memorable experiences with Langham Preaching was in Ethiopia in September 2022, where she met other leaders from across Africa and beyond. 

“The spirit of humility, love and genuine friendship blew my mind,” Cisca explains. “I felt like I belonged. That encounter caused a major shift of focus in my life, and I decided to be a part of this great Langham family; to learn, to grow and become a useful tool in the hands of the Lord.”

More recently, Cisca had the privilege of participating in a global facilitators training in Turkey.

“I learnt so much about the learner-centred approach to facilitation,” Cisca explains. “I have started using the skill sets in my training sessions, and I find them to be both exciting and impactful. Recently I witnessed one of the lay preachers, who attended a Langham training session in March 2023, delivering a beautiful exposition two months ago when I visited his church. I was very much encouraged and felt fulfilled.”

Cisca is excited about upcoming opportunities to facilitate Langham expository training sessions in Ghana, sharing her knowledge with others to become good expositors of God’s Word.

Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the impact of Langham Preaching in equipping leaders to effectively proclaim God’s Word.

“I am grateful to God for connecting me with Langham Preaching and all the beautiful people I am doing ministry with,” Cisca says.

Watch one of Cisca’s devotions on YouTube here.

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