Updates on Langham Preaching in Tanzania

1 June 2007 |

Tanzania is hosting one of the fastest growing Langham Preaching movements in the world. In February/March 2007, JSM-Langham hosted 300 participants in a new regionalized training initiative (read more about the Langham Preaching Program in Tanzania). Here are testimonies from some of those who partipated in those groundbreaking sessions.

Rev. Simon Semgweno
Rev. Simon Semgweno My name is Rev. Simon Semgweno, I was born in 1969 at Ikwamba village. I grew up in a non-Christian family. When I was in standard IV, an evangelist visited our school and he asked to teach about the Word of God to students. He was allowed to teach. From him I was converted and I became a born-again Christian student. I was elected to join secondary school but my family could not afford to send me to secondary school and so I decided to go to Bible school where I attended a one-month course. After that course I went back home where I served as an assistant Catechist to our local church. In 1993 I was called to attend a one year and a half course at Morogoro Bible College (by then Morogoro Bible School) and when I was about to complete my education I was given a letter that I have been selected amongst the few to be ordained deacon. I was ordained deacon in 1996 And ordained priest in 1997. Since then, I have been teaching and preaching and I have worked in various parishes for not less than 10 years.

In 2005 I was called to join Diploma studies at Morogoro Bible College after an intensive pre-qualifying course before joining Diploma studies specifically designed for ministers at work for many years. When I joined MBC, I happened to attend a first Langham Preaching Seminar that was conducted at Morogoro Bible College. It was for the first time when I discovered that I have been preaching for more than ten years in a wrong way! I did my best to grasp all which has been taught and since then I started to preach from the Bible (Biblical Expository Preaching). I continued to use that method for the whole of 2005 until I attended another Langham Preaching Seminar at CCT in 2006 where my knowledge was more sharpened. Since then I used without dropping a single components of Biblical Expository Preaching. I worked hard in preparing my sermons and as a result, my preaching was accepted by many, even by professors from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). At the moment I am being invited here and there and I enjoy preaching from the Bible and many people responds positively. My great appreciation is that “Langham Preaching Seminars have corrected my poor type of preaching that existed for more than 10 years.” It is true that in the past sometimes I just preached events, personal motives from my happiness or sadness, and stories or experience. I take this opportunity to convey my sincere appreciation to all members of and the leadership team of Langham Partnership international through Langham Preaching seminars in helping me become an effective minister in my country. God bless you all. Amen.

Rev. Frank Luvanda
Rev. Frank Luvanda My name is Rev. Frank Luvanda, I was born in 1969 at Kiabakari in Mara region. Originally I come from Iringa region. I completed my O Level studies in 1990 and I was elected to join high school at Rungwe High School, but my parents could not afford to send me due to lack of finance. I stayed with my parents for two years before I went to live in Malolo where I joined the Church. My life before meeting Jesus Christ was so bad for I was involved in occult and witches activities, theft, robbery, etc. By God’s grace, a mother called Asnath Chengula kept on witnessing and telling me about Jesus Christ. At last I was converted in 1994. Since then I started to work with Diocesan Youth Department in mission outreach and campaigning against HIV/AIDS to young Christians. In 1996 I was called to do an interview so as to join Diploma studies at Morogoro Bible College. By God’s grace I was elected among the few. I started my Diploma studies in 1997 and completed in 1998. In 1999 I was sent to work amongst Muslims and pagans in Eastern Morogoro where I ministered for two years preaching and teaching them. At the end of 2000 I went to take my B.A. (Hons.) studies from the University of Gloucestershire, England through St. Philip’s Theological College, Dodoma, where I studied for three years. At the end of 2003 I started to teach at St. Philip’s theological college and ministering to a local congregation called Mnyakongo in Mpwapwa Diocese. I continued with my ministry as a teacher and preacher up to 2004 when I attended my first Langham Preaching seminar in Jinja, Uganda. At that seminar, I noticed many mistakes that I had been doing since my conversion in 1994 for about 9 years. When I returned back home I was told to move from St. Philip’s Kongwa to Morogoro Bible College.

By God’s grace in 2004 I attended a Langham Preaching seminar at Morogoro Bible College. This seminar brought and gave me assurance and turned me from a wrong way of preaching to a biblically based type of preaching (Biblical Expository Preaching). I am indebted so much to Rev. Rodney and Rev. Simon for their teachings to me and Rev. Paul Hunter for his encouragement at the very initial stage(s) of Langham Preaching Tanzania. Since 2004, I have been using expository preaching in all my sermons. To my surprise, I received and I am still receiving invitations from various churches in Morogoro to preach and teach. There was a time when I had to cancel other requests as they were so many than the time I had. The Lutherans decided to invite me on Saturdays as all Sundays were fully booked. Whenever I preach today people would respond positively to the Word of God and I feel happy that the LORD is using me as an instrument out of which the Word of God reach his people. I am totally convinced that “proper biblical expository preaching is the right way of strengthening and edifying the Church particularly in Tanzanian context.” My present ability in preaching has been built and sharpened by Langham Preaching Seminars. With this testimony I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to staff and members of Langham Partnership International who have made me reach this level of preaching that brings positive changes in my local settings. May God in Jesus Christ bless you so much.

Ev. Victor Luoga
Ev. Victor Luoga I am Ev. Victor Luoga from Mtibwa Sugar Estate, I have been working as a minister of the Anglican church for 8 years now. I have been ministering in preaching among workers of Mtibwa Sugar Estate for 6 years. To be honest Langham Preaching Seminars has changed my overall way of preparing and preaching the Word of God. In the past I used to take my Bible on Saturday and sometimes even early Sunday before Sunday services. I used to preach from stories based in my past experiences and/or other people’s experiences. I preferred to preach from fascinating stories particularly those related to miracle performers like Edmund John, Moses Kulola, Bishop Kakobe, etc. Sometimes I read one verse and preached something different from what I read. But since I attended Langham Preaching Seminar in 2004 my preaching has changed and I am now respected in Mtibwa. I thank God that Langham Preaching Seminar has made my ministry acceptable amongst the people as they always say “Luoga anahubiri vizuri toka katika maandiko” (in English: “Luoga is preaching nicely from the Word of God.” Thanks Rod, Simon, Paul Hunter, and Tony for helping us here in Morogoro with such a wonderful teaching. God bless you.