The torch is passed from hand to hand!

25 June 2012 |

The unexpected consequences of training national writers
by Isobel Stephenson, Langham Literature

Just over a year ago, I was packing my bags to fly to Kuala Lumpur for a writer’s workshop that had been organized by the Asia Theological Association. I was realistic about what was likely to be achieved – a few seeds planted, maybe one or two books eventually….. But God had other ideas.

One of the participants came from India. She is now close to finishing her book, and is assisting in another workshop in Northern India. One participant has seen his book published in the Philippines, while another has had his manuscript accepted by the same press. Yet another writer from the Philippines is still waiting to hear from the publisher to whom she submitted her book proposal, and is also considering teaching a writing workshop. She writes:

I am beginning to have a burden for fellow workers and pastors in the northern part of the Philippines – where I come from – especially when I remember this incident. I was doing an interview for a research project, and one of my respondents at that time said, ‘Disciple us in writing.’ I just smiled at him and said, ‘We’ll see,’ without any conviction at all. That was some three years ago, at a time when I was clueless on how to write popular books. Now, however, I plan to ask key workers and pastors if they are interested to learn something on writing. If I can find 10 people who will be willing to come for a seminar on writing, I will schedule a mini training in November 2012 during our ministry week. Kindly pray that, if this is indeed from the Lord, he will confirm in very distinct and unmistakeable ways, and it will come to pass.

This from someone who in the past could find only five books written by her own people! At a time when the Olympic torch is being passed from hand to hand in the lead-up to the Olympic Games, your donations are enabling the torch of Christian literature to be passed on from one hand to another. Christians around the world are increasingly able to read books written for them by their own people.

Thanks be to God!

Attendees of the Kuala Lumpur Writers Workshop