Scholar trains counsellors to reach the vulnerable in Guatemala

11 June 2019 |

A long and brutal civil war between 1960 and 1996 in Guatemala has left hundreds of thousands of civilians dead and over one million displaced. Guatemala continues to face high rates of poverty, violent crime, and instability.

Langham Scholar Dr Sergio Mijangos leads the MA in Counselling program and the Counselling Center at Central American Theological Seminary or SETECA (Spanish acronym), where his wife Linda also works as a counsellor. Mental health is an urgent concern in Guatemala, where many suffer from post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and alcoholism as a result of the country’s 36 years of civil war and ongoing violence.

Langham supported Sergio during his PhD studies in Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Sergio and Linda have two sons: Derek, who is studying marine biology; and Christian, who is studying to be a civil engineer.

Langham Scholar Dr Sergio Mijangos lives and serves in Guatemala.

Sergio’s message:

Our seminary has around 1,500 students from 26 countries around the world. Our contributions are in the area of counselling. My wife serves as a counsellor in the Counselling Center.

We have a team of seven counsellors who see an average of 60 clients a week, both from our student body and from the local community.

The seminary has several programmes in counselling. We have around 75 students enrolled in the Masters programme, including students taking their first class and those working on their thesis.

God’s faithfulness


Langham Scholar Dr Sergio Mijangos runs the counselling Masters programme at SETECA (Central American Theological Seminary).

We are very thankful for the 90 years that our seminary has been serving the Spanish-speaking world. Recently, we held different activities celebrating God’s faithfulness to our seminary. Our graduates serve in 36 different countries around the world.

We are also thankful for the vision our seminary has had about counselling. Our different programmes are a response to the needs of the Church in the Spanish-speaking world. These programms have been very well received.

With the training they have received, some of our graduates are serving the homeless and other sections of society that are very difficult to reach.

Prayer Requests

Dr Sergio Mijangos with his family.

Dr Sergio Mijangos with his wife Linda and sons Derek and Christian.

Please pray for Dr Guillermo Mendez, who took office last January as the new president of our seminary. Pray that the Lord would use him to guide us in the direction He has for our institution. Dr. Mendez is an excellent leader and a very gifted man of God.

Please pray for our son Christian, who has health problems with his pancreas. His latest battle happened two months ago in Mexico while he was serving on a missions project with his university.

We praise the Lord that he is back at college, but he has this problem and, medically speaking, there are no solutions for him. We are seeking the Lord’s miraculous intervention in healing him. He is 20 years old and has been hospitalised with this problem 21 times.

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