Preaching in Sierra Leone, Bolivia, Indonesia… 3-Feb-2013

3 February 2014 |

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued prayerful support of the work of Langham Preaching.  Here are the items for prayer for the week ahead:

Sierra Leone: This week Emmanuel Oladipo (regional coordinator) and David McCahon (facilitator) will lead a Level 3 and Training of Trainers event in Freetown.  Chris Jonah (country coordinator) asks us to pray for ‘safe travel as pastors travel from across the country; for good fellowship with God, His Word and one another, and that it will be a time of refreshing and rededication to the task of preaching faithfully’.

Bolivia: A Level 1 will be held this week for participants who will receive training in expository preaching as part of their overseas mission training.  Edwin Fernandez and Eduardo Rojas (facilitators) ask for prayer as they ‘share tools that will be useful in the mission field and challenge those attending that the Scriptures and faithful preaching should be a center piece of their ministries’.

Indonesia:  The first training event of the year takes place this week in East Java where 67 participants will be attending.  Beatris Pangala (facilitator) asks us to pray for herself, the local team of facilitators and those that will attend.

Bolivia: On Sunday, Edwin Fernandez will be presenting the work of Preaching in El Alto to leaders of the Aymara churches.  The Aymara people are the second largest indigenous people group in the country.  Please pray for a successful presentation and the beginning of a work with this people group.

Myanmar: After sickness cut back the team, God’s hand was so evident throughout the Level 3 last week, as Peter Thein (country coordinator), Paul Windsor (facilitator), Aye Min (interpreter) carried extra loads. Pray that participants will return home to practice their newly acquired understanding and skills in their preaching clubs.

Liberia: This week Matthew Gonkerwon (country coordinator) will be involved in a ‘line-up’ visit to discuss the development of the Preaching work at the Viojama Bible School.  Please pray for Matthew as he continues to oversee and develop the work in this country.

Thank you for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team