Preaching Prayershot for Monday 26th May

28 May 2014 |

Dear Friends

Unusually, the week ahead is a quieter one in terms of Preaching events, so we have focused on several Preaching countries where the people are currently facing difficult situations.

Uganda: This week a Level 1 and Level 3 will be held in Arua with 30 participants expected. Stan Wafler, Chris Yikii and Barbara and Paul Majoli will facilitate as well as two local facilitators who will teach for the first time. Barbara (country coordinator) writes, ‘We praise the Lord for the steady growth in the work and for the support and commitment from the Anglican Diocese and Baptist Community. Thank God for the five local facilitators who are enthusiastic. Please pray that those who attend will stay faithful to their commitment’.

Bosnia: Slavko Hadzic (country coordinator) asks us to pray for the difficult situation they are facing after severe flooding in the majority of the north of the country. One million people are affected both by the floods and the subsequent landslides, which have destroyed many homes. Slavko asks to pray ‘for churches and believers who are affected and that in this difficult situation people will turn to Jesus. Please pray that we will be able to serve people in our country through this hard time and show them the love of Jesus’.

Nigeria: As the plight of the 300 missing school girls is reported internationally and bomb attacks continue in villages and cities, please pray for those whose loved ones are missing or who have been killed. Please pray that Christians in leadership will be able to offer words of wisdom and comfort and walk in the ways of peace and reconciliation.

South Sudan: The civil war has led to more than one million people fleeing their homes, and millions more facing the threat of famine due to being unable to farm their land. Aid has been pledged but much more is needed. Please pray for those who are working to provide a means for farmers to plant their seed in time for a harvest.

India: The largest democratic election in history has just occurred. A new leader from what is often considered to be a Hindu fundamentalist party has been elected in a landslide victory. It will be an uncertain time for Christian communities around the country. Please pray that they will persevere and do so with hope during these days.

You will be aware of other troubled places around the world. Langham Preaching commits itself to nurturing mature ministries that grow deep in the Word. Pray that these ministries will contribute to a generation of public leaders who make godly and courageous decisions for the sake of others and of Christ.

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team