Preaching in Zanzibar (Tanzania), Ethiopia, Panama, Tobago, Bolivia, France, Sierra Leone [7 October 2013]

8 October 2013 |

Dear friends

Thank you for your prayers for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. Here are some items for prayer and thanksgiving for this week.


Zanzibar: Emmanuel Oladipo has written of a richly blessed level 1 last week. A delightful group of 22 participants were avid learners and Elkana Gonda’s excellent contribution in translating materials and interpreting, much appreciated. 4 preachers clubs have been added to the 50 already running in Tanzania!

Ethiopia: from Monday to Friday, a level 2 will be held for 40 church leaders and pastors in Debre Zeit, 40kms from Addis Ababa. Emmanuel Oladipo, Rodney Wood and Frew Tamrat will facilitate the event alongside others from the local area. We are asked to pray ‘for the Lord to use this event to inspire the participants to practice expository preaching in their sermons and for its overall smooth running’.

Panama: Dionisio Orjuela, Jorge Atiencia and Igor Améstegui will be facilitating a meeting from Monday to Friday of the escuelita coordinators for Central America and the Spanish speaking Caribbean.

Papua New Guinea: after 14 months of editing and rewriting, new training material is ready to be translated into Pidgin. Please pray for Rosie Crowter, country coordinator, as she searches for much-needed translators and that these resources will be a blessing to participants who will use them in future preaching events.

Tobago: 30 participants are expected to attend a level 1 event which will be held from Thursday to SaturdayJoseph Caterson, Kelvin Mapp and Lindsay Gibbings will be facilitating and Angela Shirley, country coordinator asks us to pray for this local team as they oversee the complete programme for the first time.

Bolivia: from Friday to Sunday a level 3 will be held with the Bolivian Bible Society.  Eduardo Rojas, Igor Améstegui and Franz Flores will facilitate this event.

France: on Saturday in Morlaix, a level 1 seminar will commence for preachers of churches in Brittany. Mike McGowan will facilitate this training, which will take place over 8 Saturdays from now until May 2014. Mike states that ‘despite the small numbers this is an important event as we seek to train preachers in true biblical preaching, something quite rare in churches in France’. He asks us to pray that God will raise up and equip leaders for the next generation.

Sierra Leone: Chris Jonah, country coordinator has asked us to pray for Pastor Belmore, a member of the preachers club in Bonthe who has been taken into hospital with diabetes and heart irregularities.  Please pray for wisdom for the medical staff and for a quick recovery for Pastor Belmore.

Thank you for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team