Preaching in Benin, Togo, Thailand… 29-Jan-2014

28 January 2014 |

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued prayerful support.  Here are the items for prayer and praise for the coming week.

Benin: Last week’s Refresher event went well. Mike McGowan (regional coordinator),Gordon Woolard and Ed Moll (facilitators) were able to encourage the 40 participants to strengthen their efforts to meet in their Preachers’ Clubs. 

Togo: Then Mike, Gordon and Ed travelled by road to Lomé in Togo for a Level 2 seminar through this week, with 39 participants. Jacques Toko (country coordinator) asks us to pray for 10 participants who they hope will undertake the Level 1 training alongside this seminar. Please pray for health and strength for all those involved.

Thailand: The new committee in Central Thailand meets on Wednesday to make specific plans for the launch of the training, planned for November. As Manoch Jangmook (country coordinator) gathers the team together, pray for a sense of unity and purpose.

Spain: This week Gavin McGrath facilitates a Level 2 seminar in Malaga. It is encouraging to hear Andrew Reid (county coordinator) report that after last year’s seminar, 21 Preachers’ Clubs started across the country! Andrew asks that we pray that ‘God will speak to us again and that this initiative will become a true preaching movement that captures the hearts of preachers’.

Tanzania: A Level 1 event will be held this week in Dodoma. Please pray for Elkana Gonda (country coordinator) as he oversees this event.

Liberia: A Refresher event will be held on Saturday in Monrovia.  Please pray for Matthew Gonkerwon (country coordinator) as he leads the work in this country.

Myanmar: This week Paul Windsor and Peter Thein (country coordinator) are in Chaungtha for a Level 3 seminar. Sadly, David and Rosemary Harley are unable to attend due to Rosemary’s ill health. Please pray for a full recovery. They will be greatly missed. Peter asks us to pray that the ‘participants will be able to concentrate well and apply what they are learning into their ministries’.

Bolivia: Igor Amestegui (regional coordinator) will be hosting a Preacher’s Club retreat on Friday and Saturday in Cochabamba.  Igor asks us to pray ‘for several members who have expressed their desire to start new Preacher’s Clubs this year and that the result of this retreat will be a greater commitment to expository preaching’.

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team