Preaching in Benin, Togo, Sierra Leone… 10-Feb-2014

10 February 2014 |

Dear friends

Thank you for your continued prayerful support of the work of Preaching around the world.

Benin & Togo: Give thanks for the encouraging time which Ed Moll, Mike McGowan and Gordon Woolard have had in West Africa. In Benin a refresher programme was well attended by pastors and now there are plans for a Level 1 to be taught by local facilitators in the north of the country. Similarly, in Togo there are plans for a Level 3 and a ‘training of trainers’. Please pray that preachers’ clubs in the capital city, Lomé, will persevere.

Sierra Leone:David McCahon and Emmanuel Oladipo returned praising the Lord from the last of the training seminars for local facilitators.  Twelve of them attended and Emmanuel writes ‘it rejoices our hearts to see how far each one has come over the years. Please join in praying for them as they build on the foundation that has been laid with the help the Holy Spirit provides.’

Cambodia: Pray for Somnang (country coordinator) as he spends time travelling around the country visiting preaching clubs. Pray that people will be receptive to his visits and that he will be able both to encourage and to challenge them in their commitment to biblical preaching.

Vanuatu: The progress of the preaching movement in Vanuatu has brought many encouragements over the years. Give thanks for this – and pray for the Level 1 commencing this week in Port Vila in the church of which Steve Gibb (a local facilitator) is the pastor.

Mongolia: Invitations to attend a line-up meeting have been extended to church leaders. Pray for people to be willing to make this meeting a priority. Please pray for Puje Jamsran (Principal, Union Bible Theological College), Bayar Garam (Langham Scholar) and Paul Windsor as they plan for this event later in March.

Pakistan: Some years ago the decision was made that all Level 1s would be taken by teams of local trainers. Give thanks for some fresh initiatives in Islamabad and Rawalpindi in recent weeks. Steve Sonneman (country coordinator) notes that ‘this is the most we have ever done here in the North and it is being driven by local initiative.’

Zimbabwe: The Level 1 Saturday seminar continues this week in Bulawayo, facilitated by Bhelimpilo Mkwebu, Lennon Mazonde and John Stambolie. This is the 7th seminar (out of the 8) and we are asked to pray that the fruit of the preaching clubs will be evident as they meet together.

Peru: From Wednesday to Friday a Level 1 will be held in Lima.  Jaime Mendoza and Luis Cornejo (facilitators) will lead the event for 40 to 50 participants.  Please pray for all attending and especially those who will participate in the Level 2 event to be held in April.

Bolivia: From Friday to Sunday a Level 3 will be held in Cochabamba.  Igor Améstegui (regional coordinator) and Edwin Fernandez (facilitator) will lead the training for 20 participants.  Igor asks us to pray ‘for students to put into practice all they have learned regarding faithfulness and the relevance of the Bible in their lives and ministries and to exercise a wholesome influence in their churches in changing the style of preaching.’

Thank you for your prayers!

The Langham Team