Preach the Word Clearly: Langham Preaching Vanuatu 2009

22 June 2009 |

By Wendy Toulmin, Executive Officer, Langham Partnership Australia

It was a tremendous privilege to be with the 85 men and women — pastors, bible college teachers, lay preachers, Sunday school teachers and church leaders representing 10 denominational groups and 2 parachurch organisations. They came from the 6 Provinces of Vanuatu — the Pacific archipelago of 83 islands spread over an area of 860,000 sq km in the South Pacific Ocean.

These men and women had returned for the level 2 Preaching Programme with wonderful testimonies of God’s enabling during the past year as they had sought to teach faithfully, relevantly and clearly from His Word. Many of them had not only been a part of preachers clubs formed regionally from last year, but had invited others to join with them, passing on the training they had been given.

The participants greatly appreciated the input of Ma’afu Palu and Paul Barker for their gracious and wise teaching and leading — grasping the Bible’s big picture, with a focus on Preaching from the Old Testament.

You can view the 4 min presentation of last year’s level 1 programme “Eager to preach”. We are at present editing some of the wonderful testimonies recorded at this year’s level 2 seminar in Vanuatu. Please contact the LPA office if you would like copies of either of these DVDs to share with others (Eager to preach DVD or Vanuatu 2009 testimonies DVD) [sent to addresses in Australia].