For your prayers: December 2013

4 December 2013 |

Langham scholars

  • Please pray for our Langham Scholar from Myanmar, Ronald, who is returning to Yangon for two weeks in January to participate in planning the year ahead with others at MEGST (Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology), the seminary where he teaches. Ronald will then return to Australia for a couple of months to submit his final thesis and undergo some medical treatment, before he and his family return permanently to Myanmar.
  • Please pray also for Qaiser, our Langham Scholar from Pakistan, recently back in Pakistan, gathering data for his PhD thesis. While there, he was able to visit with colleagues and friends affected by the bombing of the church in Peshawar back in September where dozens of Christians were killed. Pray for Qaiser as he processes his data and considers the effects this event has had on the church in Pakistan, the seminary of which he is Principal and many people he knows.

Langham Literature:

  • Please pray for the safe arrival of this year’s library grant catalogue to all the Majority World colleges supported by Langham. The 128-page catalogue will be sent to about 1400 colleges across 103 countries.
  • Pray for Langham Literature staff and others who contribute to the work who are scattered around the globe, that they will know God’s strengthening and enabling as they undertake the many tasks involved with developing and distributing evangelical literature: writing, mentoring, editing, designing and typesetting as well as administration.

Langham Preaching

  • Pray for the strengthening of the Langham Preaching work in our Pacific and Asian region and for the many hundreds of men and women who are now seeking to train others.
  • Pray for the commencement of Langham Preaching in the Central African Republic, delayed at this time. Pray for peace in this country, and that it won’t be long before the Preaching Program can commence.