Prayer in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Pakistan…

13 October 2014 |

Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayers for the work of Preaching around the world. Here are the items of praise and for prayer for the week ahead.

Zimbabwe: Gary Cross (facilitator) informs us that the training in Harare went well. He writes, ‘Please pray that participants will be able to put all the steps together as they prepare their sermons. When we meet next month, each preaching club will present their preparation to the whole group. Please pray for a constructive time – and one of great joy together.’

Tanzania: The Level 3 in Mbeya was a great encouragement. Elkana Gonda (country coordinator) writes, ‘Thank God for what He is doing in the Mbeya area. We witnessed 68 people from around the Southern Highlands area finish their Level 3 course. We were also blessed to have three people come across from Zambia. How great was this day together!’

Pakistan: 80 people attended the Level 2 & 3 training in Lahore. Paul Barker (regional coordinator) writes, ‘there is significant enthusiasm for the 11 new preaching clubs formed. Despite the heat and humidity, participants worked hard and remained very attentive.’ Pray for the national committee who met to develop training plans for the next 1-2 years.

Bolivia: In Cochabamba on Thursday and Friday, Jorge Atiencia (facilitator) will provide training for 10-12 facilitators and potential facilitators. Then on Saturday and Sunday the first national gathering of Preaching Clubs from 4 different cities in the country will take place where they will be looking at how to preach from Proverbs. Eduardo Rojas (facilitator) asks us to ‘pray that the teams of trainers and their teaching will be clear, simple and deep.’

Trinidad & Tobago: From Thursday to Saturday a Level 1 and 2 is to be held in Tobago. Pray for clarity and confidence among the local facilitators who will be leading the seminar – and pray, too, that all those who participate will catch a vision for biblical preaching.

Austria: From Thursday to Sunday, Mark Meynell (regional coordinator) meets with church leaders, speaks to an IFES student group, and preaches in a church in Vienna. A key event will be the full day ‘taster’ event, designed to whet appetites for further training. Mark asks us to pray ‘for stamina in teaching, good discussions, and clear guidance for future plans.’

Zimbabwe: The sixth Saturday seminar in the Level One takes place in Bulawayo. It is to be facilitated by Lennon Mazonde, Bhekimpilo Mkwebu and John Stambolie. Please pray that those who attend will continue to apply what they learn and that the facilitators will be strengthened as they train others.

Liberia: Due to the current Ebola epidemic, all scheduled Langham Preaching events have been postponed. Please plead for mercy, courage, and perseverance among those affected in Liberia and Sierra Leone – and pray that this epidemic will come to an end.

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team