Portuguese Africa Bible Commentary Now in Print

8 April 2010 |

The Africa Bible Commentary, a one-volume commentary on the whole Bible written by seventy African scholars, has been published in both English and French, and is now at last also available in PORTUGUESE.

Portuguese is the official language in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe, and is also widely used in the Cape Verde Islands. Refugees from the once war-torn countries are now scattered in all their neighbouring states. Moreover, Portuguese is spoken worldwide by some 180 million people, from Goa in India to Brazil to Portugal itself. Thus the Commentário Biblico Africano will have a worldwide ministry.

This translation was produced by the Mundo Cristão in Brazil, who will be helping Langham to distribute it in Angola and Mozambique. This is a challenge, for much of the infrastructure and economy of those countries is still being rebuilt after decades of civil war. Nevertheless, Langham Partnership International is currently shipping 2000 copies to the region. With your help, we can send still more to provide much needed support for pastors and church leaders who have few resources in languages they can read. Visit the LPI Web site for more information on how you can support this project.

We would also request your prayers that this book will bring blessing to pastors and churches, and will contribute to the growth of Christian publishing and bookselling in Lusophone Africa.