7 April 2014 |

Dear brother, sisters and friends in Christ,

Please, pray for Solomon Islands, and especially Honiara the capital and Guadalcanal. You probably have heard on the news or seen pictures on TV, and that we are experiencing great flash flooding Solomon Islands have ever experienced in more than 20 years, since cyclone Namu in 1986.

Those of you who had been to Honiara, the old Matanigo bridge have been completely washed away, and hundreds of homes along the river have been destroyed and washed out into the ocean. Confirmed deaths was 16, but this number will increase, many injured are in hospital, and hundreds are homeless.

News that is coming in from West Honiara and Eastern Plains of Guadalcanal are of great devastation and pain, since hundreds of people are without  shelters and food.

As you think of the disaster, pray:

  1. For renewed strength and energy for police and others who have been working hard since Wednesday,
  2. That the government will decide wisely on various course of actions,
  3. That Christian denominations and churches would take responsibility with those helping in the situation,
  4. That people in charge will use aid money properly to meet the needs of true victims without corruption
  5. For personal salvation of victims and many searching for safety and security at this time.

Thank you and God bless.


Pr. Andrew