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18 May 2012 |

Isobel Stevenson, Langham Literature

A strategic new resource for seminaries in the Arab world

The launch of a book is always a time for celebration – and even more so for us when one of the book’s authors is both a Langham scholar and the recipient of a Langham Writer’s grant. Add the fact that this book contributes to a cause that was dear to the heart of John Stott when he founded Langham, and our cup overflows!

The Langham Scholars programme supports national leaders who build up seminaries in the Majority World. They do so with a view to training the next generation of Bible teachers. Many of the Langham scholars have now risen to positions of leadership in seminaries around the world. But this has also given rise to problems. Langham scholars are trained as theologians. They are not trained in the complexities of leading large non-profit institutions.

Nabil Costa &
Riad Kassis

Riad Kassis and Nabil Kosta recognised this problem in the Arab world. They knew that seminaries could accomplish more, and build stronger church leadership, if management were more efficient and effective. Both of them have backgrounds in Business Administration, so together they set out to write a book that would raise the standard of management of seminaries and non-profit organizations.

The book was launched last month at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in collaboration with the Business Administration Faculty. AUB is considered one of the best and most prestigious universities in this region. Among those who spoke at the launch was Judge Ghaleb Ghanem, a former Head of the Higher Judicial Council in Lebanon who has been nominated for a vacant membership post in The Hague Court. His presence is an acknowledgement of the importance of this book.

Dr Kassis also joined Langham Director Chris Wright in Cairo last week at the general assembly of the Middle East Association for Theological Education. He reports: ‘I took 60 copies of the book. They were all sold within minutes to participants from all over the region. I still needed 28 copies more to fulfill the need! The publishing house has plans for a launch event in Jordan in July and perhaps another one in Egypt.’

Praise God for the generosity of our donors, which has enabled Langham to make an important contribution to theological training in the Arab world.