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Growing the maturity of the Church in the South Pacific

28 May 2019 |

Recent media events in Australia have demonstrated the strong commitment many South Pacific Islanders have to their Christian faith. Historically, a strong Christian missionary presence in the Islands helped bring the gospel and establish the church, and this is reflected in the high numbers of believers. 

However, more and more Churches are being pastored by local indigenous pastors with limited training and resources to teach the Bible clearly, simply and faithfully. We need to ensure that Christian pastors are properly equipped to feed their flocks!

Helping Islander Christians grow to maturity through well-equipped and trained Bible teachers is a top priority for the church in the South Pacific.  Stephen Williams, Langham Preaching Regional Coordinator, reflects the concerns of local leaders:

“Many churches have been weakened by liberal theology, while others have been led off into the fantasy of prosperity teaching and other unbiblical doctrines and practices.”

Simple, practical training and access to appropriate resources are desperately needed, as requested by Patterson Worek, Anglican Bishop of Banks and Torres:

“We need the Langham training in my area. Please, can you bring it for us?”

With the help of friends like you, Langham Partnership began the Langham Preaching Program in the South Pacific in 2008.  Despite many challenges and delays due in part to the difficulties of travel and communication in the region, the program continued, again picking up momentum in 2017.

  • The first training in Vanuatu was held in 2008. PNG and the Solomon Islands followed in 2009.
  • Local pastors who completed the initial three levels of training began training others in their region.
  • Building on the base established in the early years, a Regional Coordinator was appointed in 2016.
  • Last year we rejoiced with the Fijians as the first training there was held in January 2018.
  • Initial meetings have already been held in Tonga in preparation for a future training event.

Ma’afu Palau, Langham Scholar from Tonga writes

“Perhaps in the future there will be leaders who have been taught properly, who will have the courage to stand for what is right…This is my constant prayer, that God will raise up a generation of Bible believers, of godly men and women who will influence a nation.”

Will you now help us to establish the Langham Preaching Program and provide resources in places like Tonga, and even further afield in the rural and remote areas in the South Pacific?

In order to maintain and grow the South Pacific program including providing key resources, $90,000 is required for the year beginning July 1.


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