God’s Marvellous Multiplication

12 February 2015 |

Langham Partnership: inter-programme engagement

The three Langham programmes – Literature, Scholars, Preaching – evolved from Uncle John’s prayerful listening to the needs of believers in the Majority World.

The programmes were not particularly designed to inter-relate. But after years of investment, they now appear to regularly and delightfully feed back into one another…

Daniel, Gayna, Jonathan and Maida Salinas

Daniel, Gayna, Jonathan and Maida Salinas

Take Daniel Salinas, an early Langham Scholar. He completed his PhD in Church History at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 2004. Today he serves as the International Partnership Coordinator for the Theological Education Initiative of the United World Mission (TEI). His role is about establishing partnerships to help seminaries in the global south improve their programs and faculty. At this time he is initiating conversations with seminaries in Mexico, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Philippines and Tanzania while currently living in the USA. After the initial emails and Skype conversations he then intends to visit these countries to get to know them personally and assess how the partnership with TEI will benefit them.

Back in March 2014 Daniel was in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the Lausanne Global Consultation, speaking on ‘Prosperity Theology, Poverty, and the Gospel’. While there, he was able to interact with participants from 16 countries, and is now part of the writing team that will produce the final declaration of the consultation. Daniel is also coordinating the editorial team publishing a book on the same topic.

Daniel participated in Langham Preaching Seminars in both Peru and Argentina using his textbook How to Preach the Letters of the New Testament. In the midst of these engagements, Daniel continues to work on a theological textbook for use in Latin America, which will be made available in both English and Spanish.

Daniel’s ministry shows the many different opportunities for engagement offered by Langham Partnership: as a graduated Langham Scholar, who has already published a book with Langham Literature, he participates in Langham Preaching events and is working on a second book to be published by Langham Literature. In each of these areas, Langham is supporting a world-class scholar, engaged in making a global impact.

What a privilege to work together for the Kingdom! Decades after the initial ‘investment’, Daniel is producing not just more of the same but multiplying a variety of returns. God has used him in each Langham Programme to enrich the others.

Such an outcome affirms our focus as ‘co-workers’ with God. Looking forward to His marvellous multiplication of all our contributions!

by Stefanii Ferenczi, executive assistant to Riad Kassis, International Director of Langham Scholars