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31 May 2018 |

The Arabic Contemporary Bible Commentary has taken Christian theologians more than 10 years to produce and is greatly anticipated by church leaders and believers across the Arab world. Dr Riad Kassis, International Director of Langham Scholars, says, “If you go to a Christian bookstore in the Middle East – in Egypt, Lebanon or Jordan – you’ll be amazed because we have very few Christian books written in Arabic by Arabs. We need books written from our own context.”

As the church continues to grow in many Arabic-speaking nations – and as believers face increasing persecution – church leaders need resources to help them disciple converts from Islam and apply God’s Word to their cultural context. And since the Arab Spring, as protests threatened the very existence of Christians in the Middle East, it’s been even more critical to be culturally sensitive and relevant when sharing God’s Word.

Langham Partnership began the Arabic Contemporary Bible Commentary (ACBC) in 2008. Despite many challenges and delays due to political unrest, the project continued. The project has fostered strong unity among Arab Christians. Dr Kassis explains, “This is the first time Christian scholars from the whole region have come together to produce a commentary that addresses the needs and challenges of the region. It’s a landmark in the history of the church.” This has been critical following the Arab Spring – or “cold winter” – as Dr Kassis calls it. He says, “For Arab Christians to work together on the Arabic commentary is a way of demonstrating unity. This becomes crucial in a context where violent acts of division on religious grounds destroy the social mosaic of the region.”

The ACBC provides a distinct Middle Eastern perspective on many of the social and biblical issues facing the Arab world today. The book is now in its final stages and is due to be released in October. Thank you for your gift to help fulfil the long-awaited vision to provide Arab Christians with this essential biblical resource.

We invite you to be part of the launch of ACBC. Give generously to help cover the AU$175,000 cost to print and distribute 10,000 copies of ACBC.

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