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La gloria del Señor según Elizabet

Spanish | Luke 1:5–7, 24–25, 39–45, 57–66

Both of them were righteous in the sight of God, observing all the Lord’s commands and decrees blamelessly. But they were childless because Elizabeth was not able to conceive, and they were both very old.

– Luke 1:6–7


In privacy

Luke’s story begins by presenting a married couple who, although both were just before God and very careful to obey him, carried a shadow of frustration. Despite their fidelity to the Lord, they had not been able to have children: Elizabeth was barren, and they were already very old. The disappointment of previous years had possibly turned into resignation. It seemed like God did not hear their prayers. And it was already too late!

When her husband arrived home from Jerusalem after serving a week in the temple, Elizabeth was amazed to see him. He had lost the ability to speak. But his face reflected joy. After greeting her with renewed affection, he began to communicate by signs. The woman watched her husband’s wrinkled hands pointing upwards, outlining a swollen belly, and rocking an imaginary baby.

Time passed, and while Elizabeth continued thinking about what her husband had tried to communicate to her, she began to notice that her body was experiencing some changes. Little by little, her clothes became tighter, and she felt discomfort in her belly until the expected motherhood became evident. Elizabeth stayed home, resting and meditating on how the glory of the Lord had been manifested

in the privacy of her home and in the secrecy of her body when everything seemed impossible. She praised God, who had removed the social shame of being sterile.


In the meeting

Elizabeth was surprised when the young Mary came from Nazareth to visit her. Let us remember that the news did not arrive at the speed of our days. How would her young relative have known she was pregnant despite her advanced age? But that was not all. Listening to the visitor’s voice, the old woman felt the child she carried inside her start moving like never before. It seemed that the baby was jumping for joy. And a sense of spiritual fulfilment communicated incredible news to her. She understood that this girl, Mary, would be the mother of the Messiah.

And the glory of the Lord filled the place where both women merged into a hug. Both shared a manifestation of God’s grace that was incomprehensible. Both witnessed how God had made Himself evident in their lives, even though the conditions were unsuitable for things to happen that way.


In the community

The long–awaited day arrived, and Elizabeth gave birth to the son God had sent her. The neighbours and relatives were happy to see God manifest His glory in her life with great mercy.

When the time came to name the child, those present did not agree with the name suggested by his mother, so they consulted the father. When he affirmed the name his wife had said, he immediately began to speak and praise God.

The news captivated the neighbourhood. Everything that happened was too incredible! And discussion of the happenings spread through the hills of the region. God had manifested his Glory among them!

In us

Many people consider themselves Christians in Argentina. However, they are not convinced that God can manifest Himself in their daily lives amid the uncertainty generated by economic instability, corruption, and generalized violence, including church divisions and a membership with very little commitment.

But in this season of Advent, it is critical to remember that, although we often feel frustrated because it seems that God is absent from the harsh reality that we have to face, the Lord still wants to and can manifest his glory in the intimacy of our lives, in our home, our relationships, our community. He has no limits to doing so. There are no impediments to what He wants to do with us.

May the Lord give us the faith and the ability to recognize His incredible and merciful interventions in our daily lives, even if it seems that the conditions are not favourable and it’s not humanly possible. What God does in private will bear fruit among those close to us and those far away. And then our story will never be the same again.


Nelly Perez

Villa Nueva, Argentina

Nelly Perez is the Coordinator for Langham Preaching in Argentina and lives in Villa Nueva in the Córdoba Province of Argentina.

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